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The special history of Tiffany

On September 21, 1837, 20-year-old Tiffany and his good brother John decided to take a trip on Broadway in New York, so the two joined forces to open a small grocery store called Tiffany & Young (due to their names) Yes, the name Tiffany first appeared in the public’s field of vision.

In this small grocery store, selling small items such as stationery, gifts, umbrellas, canes, etc., on the first day of the small grocery store, they opened a pedestal with a total of 20 items and a turnover of 4.98 US dollars. Fanny is not the same life.

In 1858, a telegraph cable that crossed the Atlantic in the United States was replaced in time due to damage. Tiffany bought this with the scrap cable through his own network. The people at the time were very puzzled. What could be the use of something that was broken? As a result, Tiffany cut the cable into a small number of four-inch segments, then wrapped the gold piece, and engraved the words “commemorating the second replacement of the 1858 US transoceanic cable”, and placed it at the time to gradually consolidate the status of silverware. In the Fanny store. And each section of the “Limited Edition” cable has a letter signed by the engineer to prove that the cable is “authentic”.

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