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Tiffany’s first fragrance boutique in the country

On October 16, 2018, adhering to the classic and extraordinary style of fine jewelry, Tiffany & Co, the witness and founder of love and beauty. Tiffany ushered in the grand opening of its first fragrance boutique in Beijing’s Xidan Joy City.

Since January 2018, Tiffany, the world’s leading jewellery brand and the home of American design, has incorporated pure love into its first fragrance of women, and since the launch of this elegant and beautiful ‘liquid diamond’, this fragrance The atmosphere has undoubtedly become the best expression of Tiffany’s style and attitude. With a touch of sexy skin, a touch of soft fragrance, a diamond refraction and a touch of blue, the Tiffany’s bold and modern style is released, opening a new journey of exploration of modern fragrances.

The store decoration highlights Tiffany & Co. Tiffany has always been a combination of classic and modern style. Tiffany & Co, a world-renowned display of Tiffany’s fragrance visual display by Tiffany Chief Art Officer Reed Krakoff and legendary photographer Steven Meisel, is displayed in the center of the store. The store displays Tiffany & Co, a world-famous fragrance master Daniela Andrier. Tiffany’s first “Liquid Diamond” fragrance – Tiffany’s fragrance and full body care collection.

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