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How Tiffany became a pioneer in jewelry art?

In the eyes of Europeans in the 19th century, the United States was like a rude and ignorant nouveau riche, rich but without historical accumulation, and even less art. However, at the Paris World Exposition in 1867, the gold medal was first awarded to the American company Tiffany, and the silverware craftsmanship was awarded with a carved silverware with gold, copper and enamel.

In 1851, Tiffany & Co. hired the famous silverware designer Edward Moore. In the design of silverware, Moore added a large number of Islamic cultural elements to design silver bottles, coffee pots and teacups with colored enamel on the copper base with flowers, vines and fruit patterns. He also used the beauty of art found in Japan – peony, iris, cherry, crane, dragonfly, squid and other elements in the design of silver products. At that time, the field of Impressionist art had not yet raised the trend of the East, and even the Japanese style paintings of Van Gogh were also “latecomers.”

Silver is a commonly used metal material in the jewelry industry, but the foot silver is too soft to be easily formed and easily oxidized, so each jewellery line will be doped with other components such as copper, zinc, nickel and the like when making silver ornaments. Tiffany & Co. found through experiments that adding silver with 92.5% silver (925 silver) obtained by adding 7.5% copper to pure silver is not only ideal for brightness, gloss and oxidation resistance, but also has the most moderate hardness and can be set. Various gems.

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